Friday, December 13, 2013

Let He Cast The First Stone...

Everyone is talking about the dude who faked an interpretation for the hearing impaired at Nelson Mandela's memorial service:

Everyone's first reaction was WTF??? He actually pretended to be a sign language interpreter, staff believed him and subsequently hired him, and he went on to perform a charade of international proportions at a widely televised event. Seriously!? I mean, you just can't make this stuff up! Yes, it was offensive against the deaf community who were deprived of the very inspirational words said at the memorial, but we have to look at life with a little humor, no? I for one found him to be quite creative, because who in their right mind comes up with stuff like this!?


After my initial reaction shared by thousands upon thousands of people everywhere, I started thinking... it's not like I have never faked anything before (not what you are thinking, you filthy minds!)... Allow me to share some scenarios where I have pulled a "Thamsanqa" (that's the guy's name, and we shall keep calling this practice just that):

- When someone has said something for the third time and I still don't understand what they are saying, I just nod along and say "yeah... totally...". I just pray that they haven't said something like "You think you can lend me 500 bucks to invest in this totally legit new business my brother has just started?"

- When my fiancé yells from the kitchen, demanding to ask who ate the last of the ice cream, I may or may not point at my poor toddler, who doesn't know any better. (Shame on me!!).

- When I find myself surrounded by this super smart people and they suddenly start talking about the Japanese stock market or whatever, and I am kind of expected to comment on the topic, I may just shyly say something like "At first I was surprised to see that happen, but I guess deep down we all saw it coming". (BTW, you are allowed to use this line for this type of situations. You are welcome!)

- At a couple of job interviews back in the day, I might have overemphasized one or two skills. (Like you haven't written "advanced Excel skills" in your resume more than once!).

- I'm in line at the café and suddenly realize I'm standing right behind that lady that I know from somewhere. I desperately start searching every last corner of my caffeine-deprived brain to find out where on Earth I know her from, but it's too late, she has turned around and is smiling at me! I smile back and come up with a quick: "Oh hi! So... long time no see, huh!?", while praying to God that the guy behind the counter yells out her name in the next five seconds.

Everyone is condemning this guy, I am too, but maybe we should stop judging and start focusing on our own behaviors. Wouldn't that be a better way to spend our time? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find my son, my fiancé is about to find out that I ate the rest of the leftover pizza!

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