Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Body Shop Body Butter Reviews

If I was stranded on an island and could only have one beauty product with me, it would definitely be a body butter. And within the body butter universe, The Body Shop ones top the list, because of their texture, their moisturizing properties and their yummy yummy scents. The Body Shop has an endless selection to choose from, ranging from subtle and floral scents to the most intoxicatingly scrumptious ones, appealing to all tastes.

I have been known to hoard body products of all shapes and sizes, and of course body butters aren't the exception, which is why today I am sharing my thoughts on the ones I have at the moment:

1. Mango Body Butter
This body butter smells so strongly in the pot, that I feared I would smell like a walking fruit salad when putting it on. However, the smell was so tropical and irresistible that I had to get it, and when I put it on, I found that it leaves me with a fresh, summery scent but not overpowering at all, which was nice to find out. This would be one of the best ones for the summer.

2. Chocomania Body Butter
By far the thickest body butter I own. I love using it when my skin is in need of some serious, deep moisture. The scent is also a lot stronger than the other ones and lingers on your skin, which I like because it smells like a delicious dark chocolate. If you like lighter body lotions though, this one is probably not for you, as it is on the greasier side.

3. Moringa Body Butter
The smell of this body butter is nothing short of divine: it is floral and delicate, and in my opinion, the most feminine one I own. I use it whenever I feel like putting a nice perfume on, as it is so subtle that it complements them perfectly. It's texture is nice and creamy and light, but equally as moisturizing. The funny thing with this one is that I always walked past it at the store, it just never caught my attention. But when I got it given for my birthday this year I was instantly hooked, I wore it all the time and was bummed when I ran out. I think it has become my favorite of all as far as scents go.

4. Strawberry Body Butter
As sweet as Chocomania and as feminine as Moringa, this is one I have to get over and over again. I love all things strawberry, and this body butter does not disappoint. It is also one of the scents that lingers on your skin the most, so I hardly ever wear perfume when I put this on. I'm not gonna lie, I love the compliments I get when I wear it. And the texture isn't too thick or too light, just right.

5. Shea Body Butter
There are two things I love about this body butter: it is the most deliciously moisturizing one of all, leaving my skin baby soft; and the fact that its light, nutty scent doesn't compete with my perfume, so I can put it underneath anything I want to wear and it doesn't overpower it. Definitely a must have for the winter to avoid dry, rough skin.

Over the years the ones I have tried that haven't impressed me (which is why I don't own them anymore) are:
- Satsuma: way too overpowering. I smelled like I had smeared a mandarin all over, and I didn't particularly enjoy that.
- Olive: this one has a lot of fans out there, but for me it wasn't bad, it wasn't good, just... meh.

If you have tried The Body Shop body butters, which are your favorite?

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