Thursday, November 28, 2013

10 Ideas For Wedding Favors

I wrote here about what to give a couple for their wedding, when they already have all their basics. Today, I want to write from the opposite perspective: if you are the one getting married, what are you going to give your guests? The best favors are the ones that represent you as a couple, but which the guests will actually enjoy: If you or your fiancé are great at cooking or baking, giving out something made by you will mean a lot and you know it will be delicious. If you are the crafty type, a DIY favor is a great idea!

Brides have a million things in mind when planning for a wedding, so favors might not be their top priority, and then suddenly the guests end up with a pair of craft store feathered birds with the couple's initials (true story!). Planning a wedding is crazy, and little things that you hand't even thought of just keep popping out of nowhere, but it is a lovely gesture to spend just a little time (and by time I don't mean money) showing the guests just how much they mean to you. However, the internet is full of innumerable ideas that can easily overwhelm any bride (such as yours truly!), so I compiled here a neat little list of 10 wedding favors for you to choose from, all in one place. That way you can spend less time researching the favors and more time perfecting your dress/vows/cake.

(By the way, I also think this post is quite fitting with the American Thanksgiving, which is today, as favors are a way to say thanks and show your appreciation to the people that mean the most to you and your new hubby!).

1. DIY Honey Favors from Bubby And Bean
There is something so romantic and nostalgic about these mini jars of honey, tied with ribbon, and complete with a personalized message. Plus, they are pretty easy to make (go have a look at the instructions!). It basically ticks all the boxes.

2. A bottle opener will always be useful. No one can ever have too many at home, can they? These, for instance, would go perfectly with a more romantic or vintage type of wedding:
Vintage key bottle opener from ebay

3. These beer cozies just scream "fun couple!". Also, you get to personalize the color and message so it fits your personality (and wedding!).

4. A lot of people are doing it these days, but a mix CD is definitely a great favor! Just make sure the music is varied, you don't want your elderly grandparents to have to sit through 12 Iron Maiden songs. Even better, if you are up for it, customize your favors according to age groups! Now that's a winner favor right there!

5. If you two are known for your witty sense of humor, and don't exactly have a ton of money to spend on the favors, something that will make your guests smile is a creative match box. Why with a clever line, of course!

6. I am totally in love with the idea of seed paper hearts! Not only are they ridiculously cute, they are also environmentally friendly, so it's a win-win!

7. Also for all the nature-loving brides out there, these succulents (or any small plant) in a vintage cup is also adorable:

8. Who doesn't love a good fortune cookie? Plus, they also give you a little room to get creative, and they won't be too expensive either.

9. If your wedding is taking place somewhere tropical or during the warmer months, a favor that is sure to be extremely appreciated by all the guests is a nice fan. You can get them in all sorts of shapes and sizes, easily adapting them to your budget and wedding style.

10. Finally, a nice shot glass is also an excellent favor.The great thing with these is that you get to be as creative / fun / romantic and personalized as you wish, and your guests still take a useful memento home.

***Last but not least***, for all of you my American readers celebrating today (and anyone else, for that matter!) I have compiled an awesome (modest, huh!?) list of Thanksgiving-themed cocktails for WhatTheFlicka, which you can find here. Go check it out, there is a cocktail for basically every taste and style! The best part? almost all of them are super easy to make!

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