Monday, November 25, 2013

Top 5: Favorite Instagrammers

I wrote here that one of my goals is to learn to take incredible photographs. Well... I can't say that I'm quite there yet but for now I have Instagram to provide me with an endless supply of amazing shots, incredible landscapes and foodporn (to name but a few things) all in one place.
Today I want to highlight the five accounts that have inspired me / wowed me the most:

1. @Kitkat_ch
The almost nostalgic landscapes, the incredibly cute fiat, the freshness of the shots... this account is the whole package!

2. @elenakalis
Stunning. Just stunning. Elena has a talent for underwater photography sure to transport you to a whole other world.

3. @missunderground
What I love most about her is the ability to portray a place that many people just don't stop to notice: the London Underground. Her photos are so clean and well executed that they are pleasure to watch.

4. @baristart
If this isn't talent, I don't know what is. This guy can represent literally any person, object or shape only by using the milk in your latte. I'm officially impressed.
Depicted here: Casper and Christina Ricci

5. @nowthisnews
Little snippets of news delivered right to your Instafeed. You choose which ones interest you and which don't, but mostly they are interesting 15-second pieces of information.


This doesn't feature into my "Top 5" for the sole reason that it makes me hungry all the time and craving all the wrong foods!  But I love it nonetheless, and every picture is more mouthwatering than the last!

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