Saturday, November 2, 2013

Top 5: Things I Wish I'd Known About Wedding Planning

My wedding is approaching much more rapidly than I realize... it is, as of today, exactly seven (!!!) weeks away. To say that there is still a lot left to plan and organize would be an understatement (hello wedding rings!).

It has been a very joyful ride. I am full of excitement to finally be making this commitment to a man who was been there for me for four full years, held my hand (and sometimes my hair, but that's another story) throughout the time I was pregnant with our son, and cooks delicious meals for me every day. But it has also come with no little amount of surprises, so I am sharing, from my own personal experience, some of the things that I had absolutely no clue about when I started down this road:

1. I always said that I didn't want to put too much effort into the actual wedding, and smugly declared that I wanted to save all that effort and put it into my marriage. What a load of crap! I have put so much effort into this wedding already! I think I underestimated the amount of work having your wedding in another city would entail. The logistics have been so difficult, but we are slowly getting there. Yea, the part about not putting too much effort? definitely didn't happen.

2. I read wedding magazines and blogs saying that the budget you start with will most definitely increase with all the little details that go into a wedding. I never thought it would happen to me, though: That stuff only happens to other people, who aren't as committed to their budget, or didn't know where to find the best deals, or didn't let go of some ideas. As of today, our budget is almost twice the amount we planned at first. TWICE! I should have known I was only jinxing myself.

3. I wanted a totally non-traditional wedding, and I kept declaring (apparently I am a big fan of that) that I wouldn't be having all the traditions everyone else has. "Mine will be completely different and unique!" I naively exclaimed to anyone who would listen. However, on that day two (very) different cultures will be coming together, so we decided to incorporate traditions from both New Zealand and Colombia into the wedding to portray the union of the two. And that's why we ended up with a wedding that will be around 80% traditional! I don't know about you, but I wouldn't call that "totally different". (I can maybe get away with saying that it is unique in the sense that it incorporates elements from those two cultures, does that count?).

4. I shockingly discovered that one of the things that freaks me out the most is my entry. Having 70 pairs of eyes on me is giving me a little bit of anxiety just to think about. I am not sure if my walk is going to be clumsy or if I will be smiling properly. I am not exactly gracious, so when I started planning walking towards my hubby-to-be, I panicked.

5. Being engaged for almost two years would ensure that I wouldn't be stressing out with last minute details, right? WRONG! For one, finalizing the guest list took much longer than expected and so did designing the invitations, so we embarrassedly ended up sending them just under two months before the wedding. Also, some of the things we are still running late with include: Sean's requirements to get married in Colombia; our wedding rings; the flower arrangements; the favors... just to name a few. Our photographer was booked only last week. A long engagement had the exact opposite effect I though it would: you think you have all the time in the world to get it done, and next thing you know the wedding is two and a half months away, and you are arguing with your fiancé over inviting that friend from High School you haven't seen in years but who kind of invited herself through facebook...

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