Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas is now less than a month away!! .. crazy how fast this year went by, and crazy how many things changed for us this year. I think it is worth a celebration, for all the things we accomplished, all the changes we went through, and all the great things ahead of us. This Christmas is also extra special, because for the first time ever, both my family and Sean's will come together to celebrate it! How awesome is that? Who knows when that will happen again, so we better make the best of it. And let's not forget that we are getting married four days before...!! This Christmas is gonna kick some serious ass!

I was adamant that I wanted a beautifully decorated home for those very reasons, and I'm convinced we don't have to spend a lot of money or buy a hundred things to achieve it. Some creativity is all that's needed to create a special home for the holidays.

You don't need to have the fanciest or tallest Christmas tree for it to be special. For instance, last week we received a Christmas tree that belonged to my grandmother, and is a lot more meaningful than a brand new one, even though it is pretty small and old. (I have to say here that we don't really have real pine tress here in Colombia, so 99% of our Christmas trees are fake).
When the parcel arrived, Tommy was so excited and eager to build it straight away: We let him put the mat down, build some of the branches, and then help decorate it. We even went and got him his own decorations at a department store so he would feel like an important part in this whole "event", and he loved it. It might not be a stunning tree, but it's definitely special and does provide our house with the Christmassy feel we want.

The final result after hanging all the decorations:

My personal favorite is this vintage Mickey and Minnie ball:

This beautiful bell also came with the tree. I think it'll look great hanging on our door:

The tree is looking a little sloppy, so I will tidy it up a bit and maybe get one or two more decorations. However, I'm thinking I will keep the whole Christmas decor minimalistic: hang the stockings, bring out our Christmas mantlepiece, buy a few Christmas hats, some LED lights around the house and that should be it. I'm not one to go too over the top, simplicity is always my ally when decorating.

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