Friday, November 15, 2013

10 Inevitable Things That Come With Adulthood

In some countries, adulthood begins when the person turns 18. In other countries, 21. For me, though, it begins when the person can relate to the following:

1. You suddenly realized that the issue about partying isn't getting permission from your parents anymore. It's getting permission from that tiny (strong!) voice inside your head that is telling you to stay in bed, put on your comfiest pj's and go grab a spoon and a Ben & Jerry's. 

2. It was social suicide to leave a party or event before a certain time. Now, it is one of the skills you are most proud of.

3. You distinctly remember that Christmas when you stopped receiving presents from every single uncle and aunty, and were asked to chip in for gifts for the "little ones". 

4. One of the most common conversation topics with your girlfriends isn't "why hasn't he called me yet!?" anymore, but instead "why hasn't he popped the question yet!?".

5. You learned that not changing the oil of your car is a very costly mistake.

6. You stopped keeping detailed track of how many days are left until your birthday/Easter/Halloween/Christmas. (I am, however, keeping track of exactly how many days are left until my wedding!). 

7. Sitting at a café with your laptop or a book is your new idea of heaven. (wait, is that just me?).

8. Going to bed past midnight isn't "cool" anymore, it is plain dumb. 

9. Super loud, ear-thumping music annoys the cr!p out of you, and you dream of throwing something at your teenage neighbor's stereo. Preferably his ridiculous high-top sneakers (what is he thinking!?)

10. You have found yourself nodding along when others make comments like: "When he grows up, he'll understand", or "She will thank her mother later" or "She will just ruin her life if she continues down that path". Even worse, you realized (shock horror!) that you made one of those comments yourself just the other day.

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