Friday, January 10, 2014

Pinterest Roundup Of Deliciousness

I did this once before, posting my favorite brownie recipes sourced from the awesome universe that is Pinterest. Now, I want to do it again, only because I have a major chocolate craving right now, and nothing makes it stronger than going on Pinterest and finding hundreds upon hundreds of delicious stuff.

There is no specific topic for today: it is a roundup of the most delicious gain-a-pound-just-by-looking-at-them things I have stumbled upon lately.

Disclaimer: If your New Year's resolution was to lose a few pounds, you might just want to stop reading right now (I don't want to be responsible for you not keeping it. That is Ben & Jerry's job). My resolution was to enjoy myself more, so there's that...

1. Banana Chocolate Enchiladas
Oh, my stars! At the hotel in Mexico, they sometimes had these for dessert and we both became obsessed with the stuff!  For some reason I had never tried them before, and I was delighted to find out just how easy they are to make. Friday night stay-at-home date sorted!

2. Oreo Mousse
I would not share this. Seriously. If I ever get my hands on something like this, you can bet I am eating all of it! (Why gain so many calories and not even enjoy it all, am I right!?)

3. Chocolate Lasagna
I love lasagna and I love chocolate. This is a match made in dessert heaven!

4. Nutella Crescent Rounds
I may or may not have had two croissants completely drowned in Nutella for breakfast every day last week and may or may not be experiencing some withdrawal syndrome... (my husband forbid me to get any more Nutella for at least a couple of months after that  :(  but at least I know what I'll be making when I'm allowed it again)  *looks around in shame*

5. Snowman Cupcakes
Snowman season is anything but over in the Northern Hemisphere, so for those of you who are there, enjoy it with these yummy treats. For those of you melting in the heat (*raises hand!*), there's no rule that says you can't pretend it's winter!

6. Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake
'Nuff said (and shown!)

You are welcome! Enjoy!
Let me know if you end up making any of these... There's no question as to which one I'm making first (banana enchiladas!). I will try and do a follow-up post with some photos of how they turn out (no doubt not as perfect as the pictures!) but as long as they taste good that's fine, right?

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  1. OK, the Chocolate lasagna has me drooling. I also love apple crisp, so that one at the bottom is looking pretty delish too!


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