Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sean's Wednesdays v.1: Chocolate Rocks

I am very, very excited to present to you my new series: Sean's Wednesdays!

I have mentioned before that Sean is an excellent cook: he loves creating yummy dishes, scrumptious desserts and sophisticated cocktails. He truly is a kitchen whiz (or maybe it just seems to me that way because I am hopeless at it, but stay with me). Imagine my delight when last week, while sharing a pizza, he informs me that he would love to be a contributor to my blog, with a weekly food and drink segment! My own hubby wants to be a part of my blog! I am so proud!

So without further ado, let's welcome Sean, a great cook and even better man. Every Wednesday he will share something delicious here on the blog for your tasting pleasure, starting today with this awesome cocktail recipe.

Hi, guys, Sean here.
First off, this is a cocktail that is so versatile and easy to throw together! It's shaken in this demonstration, but you can also just build it in a tall glass.

First you will need:

- Ice
- Bailey's
- Rum Cream (Can be Kahlua or Frangelico or another Irish cream of your choice)
- Milk
- Chocolate sauce
- Liquid Honey
- Cocktail shaker (or any substitute)

First, take your shaker and add ice. Then pour about 30 - 40 mls (1 - 1.3 oz) of the Rum cream followed by 45 - 60mls (1.5 - 2 oz) of the Bailey's. Add honey and shake for a few minutes to chill the mix.

Take your glass and gently add chocolate sauce to the inside of the rim of the glass, rotating it slowly. Now pour the mixture from the shaker and add milk to where the chocolate circles the top of the glass.

Give it a little stir to finish it off. Feel free to add whipped cream or more chocolate sauce, or why not sprinkle some chocolate chips on top!

Serve this on a hot Summer afternoon or grab a sneaky mug of it at brunch. A great hit for entertaining is serving it in a large pitcher and share with some friends. And if it is cold where you are, you can try a hot version too! (just hit up the milk, and it's done!).

I hope you enjoyed this first Sean's Wednesday and feel free to suggest any of your favorite drinks and recipes for upcoming posts!

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