Thursday, January 30, 2014

How To Implement Feng Shui At Work + Great Decor Tips

Feng Shui is a Chinese approach to harmonizing our life with our environment and surroundings. It basically states that the colors, position and other aspects of a particular area have an effect on the energy of said area. What this means is that the way you arrange your stuff at work and the colors you have there can impact on the positive or negative energy of your office. Feng Shui also states that the condition of your environment mirrors your life.

It  certainly won't prevent those stressful situations that life inevitably throws upon us from happening, but it will make your environment (in this case the office, where we tend to spend the majority of our time) more balanced (therefore making it a much better place to be at!).
I have compiled here some tips, all incredibly easy to implement, and some of then even work for home too!

For The Office In General
- Get plants. Plants absorb negative energy and counteract the effect of electronics (which tend to absorb the positive one).
- Always leave the toilet lid down.
- If your workplace has a metal safe, it should be placed to the West or Northwest.
- Mirrors are not advisable if you have clients constantly coming into your office, as their negative energy can be reflected into the room.
- A small water fountain, aquarium, or any other symbol of water are said to generate wealth. Even an image of water as your screensaver will work.

For Your Desk:
- First and foremost, eliminate clutter.
- If you have flowers, face them East.
- Your lamp should face South.
- Face your computer West.
- The best location for your desk is with your back to the wall.
- Also, don't work with your back to the door.
- Have something red to look at at all times (a notebook, a stapler, something in your line of sight).
- Try to avoid facing stairs, hallways and bathrooms.
- Try to keep all cords hidden. One option is to drill a little hole in your desk, and mount a power-surge protector on the underside.
- Don't place scissors and other sharp objects on your desk. Always keep them in a drawer.

No Clutter; A red flag to stare at; Big plants; Hidden Cords.

For Your Outfit
- Wearing green is said to increase your confidence.
- Red, orange and yellow attract positive energy (yang). This is even more encouraged for the winter months, when the yang is weaker.
- Wearing white is associated with authority.
Gorgeous and Feng-Shui-friendly outfit: win-win!

While some of these tips might seem silly, they aren't all that difficult, so why not try them out?
Don't expect huge changes, though. You won't be super wealthy overnight. But your positive energy might start increasing, and one day you may notice that you are not easily frustrated anymore, and that for me is a humongous change in and of itself!

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