Thursday, January 9, 2014

Funny Street Signs

So, Sean and I were just walking around in Mexico, and happened to stumble upon some of the funniest signs we had seen.

Take, for instance, this one:

I thought this was brilliant! Asking for a coffee nicely will save you 50%! Some people just need a little lesson in manners sometimes.

No comment on this one, though  (it speaks for itself! haha):

I mean, who comes up with stuff like this!:

This one below was quite possibly my favorite:

This one almost made me snort coke out of my nose!

And finally, this gem: (Mexicans must really like tourists?)

I found those signs to be quite creative. They took some serious stuff (such as "don't throw cigarette butts on the ground" or "STOP") and put a funny spin to them. If we all did this more in our daily lives, wouldn't that be a much happier, more fun way to live?

1 comment :

  1. I can’t keep myself from laughing! Anyway, those who created these are very artistic. Some may find them nonsensical or otherwise, but the good thing about them is that you can see the fault for yourself, and correct them with good response to the main concern. The best example is the first photo; which tackles about good manners. However, that one about cockroaches is pretty hilarious!

    Josh Saunders @ Signs Unlimited USA


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