Monday, January 6, 2014

I Am Back! Wedding, Post-Wedding, Honeymoon And Everything In Between

Whoa, has it really been almost three weeks since I last posted? Where has the time gone?
I have very clear goals for this blog, and it is one of the things I love doing and working on the most, but sometimes, there are things in life that just require our full, undivided attention, and that was December for me.

What a surreal month it was! First, on the 15th my in-laws came all the way from New Zealand to be with Sean, Tommy and me after nine months (and of course, to be at our wedding!). Then we travelled to our wedding destination, the beautiful city of Cartagena, and finally on the 21st of December, Sean and I GOT MARRIED! That's right, we did it, we took the plunge and now we are a pair of over-the-moon-happy newlyweds. The wedding ceremony was very touching, Sean said the most beautiful, meaningful words I have ever heard, and then we danced all night. That's exactly how I wanted it to be: nothing too OTT, nothing extremely complicated or traditional or cookie-cutter, just something that was simple, but fun and that people would remember, and I am certain all those things were accomplished. And Sean and I were left full of happiness, and a commitment we had long ago decided to make to each other, now official.

Sometime after that came Christmas, and Sean's family and mine spent it together (a priceless occurrence in itself!). Tommy got spoiled rotten, and enjoyed the first Christmas where he was actually aware that there is a good, old man in a red suit who comes and delivers presents. It was quite cute to watch him grasp the idea, and then be delighted and excited about it. Two days after Christmas, my mom, step-dad and brothers left with him to Disney World in Florida, so that we could have a nice, relaxing, kids-free honeymoon. And boy, that we did! We had eight days in the Mayan Riviera near Cancun, Mexico, where we just relaxed by the pool and the beach all day. And ate. And ate and ate and then ate some more. All day long we ate. But it was worth it: Mexican food is one of the best pleasures on this Earth and we certainly indulged in it.

Yesterday we arrived home, and real life has kick-started again. I won't lie: I have post-wedding blues. I had almost an entire month full of celebrations, travel, and people I love that I hadn't seen for so long, and then all of a sudden real life has to start again. But that's the beauty of life I guess: invaluable moments come and go in life so that we learn to cherish them and appreciate them more. And that is exactly what I plan on doing: grabbing all those beautiful, unforgettable moments from last month and keeping them in my heart forever. Moments such as these:

1. Me with my gorgeous bridesmaids, getting super excited before the ceremony:

2. The loving look of my husband, while I was saying my vows to him:

3. Tommy wanting to make a toast to us during the speeches (raising his plantain chip!):

4. The embrace of my brother, who was also one of Sean's groomsmen:

And many, many more....!  I will perhaps share a little bit more about the wedding, but don't worry, I will most definitely not drown you in wedding posts or pictures at all.

Starting today, I will continue blogging as often as I was last year (every weekday, if possible!). I have some great ideas I wish to develop too (a lot more tutorials and recipes, for example), and a lot of fresh content for this year, so make sure you come back everyday and check it out! It feels really good to be back to bloggers world; it is by far one of my favorite activities and I always look forward to sharing what is on my mind every day. Thank you for reading this and making it so much more worthwhile.


  1. You look beautiful! Belated congratulations!

    1. Thanks Melissa!!! Congratulations to you too, your baby girl is absolutely precious!! :)


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