Monday, September 30, 2013

Booking a Honeymoon

For me, one of the most exciting things about planning our wedding was to decide where to go on our honeymoon.

Sean and I sometimes differ on our ideas about a perfect holiday. For me, a perfect holiday is a place where I can find lots of different things to do, to see, to go to, to explore. For him, it is a quiet oasis away from any potential source of stress. I suggested New York. He suggested a cruise around the caribbean. The New York idea got dismissed pretty quickly after considering that the trip would be around New Year's eve, and we don't really want to be freezing on our honeymoon. Then we considered the cruise, but it turned out to be more expensive than expected since we would have to get to the port where it would leave from, and besides, we have already done a cruise before (where we got engaged).

Back to square one. My dad spends almost half his life on a plane, so we immediately turned to him for advice. He guided us pretty much towards the caribbean: white sandy beaches, with everything available to us and days of enjoying nothing but sun, ocean and margaritas. That idea appealed to us pretty quickly. We looked at places like Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. We were mesmerized in the end by the prospect of going to Cancun, with its cultural richness, incredible food and beautiful places to visit... and hmm, not at all for the tequila... (yeah right!).

We finally did it today: we booked our Mexican honeymoon in an all-inclusive resort. We found that it met both our expectations: some days we can go to the mayan ruins and explore their absolutely mesmerizing history, and other days we can toast ourselves like lobsters by the breathtaking caribbean sea. Ultimately, it is all about finding that one place where you will both feel happy, excited, and of course, completely committed to celebrating the big step you have both taken. And we feel like we have accomplished that with this choice of location:

A stunning, never-ending turquoise sea

And even more sea...

The Mayan ruins

And of course, you can't forget the Mayan pyramids!

If you are married, where did you go on your honeymoon? was it difficult to agree on a destination? If you aren't, where would your dream honeymoon be?

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