Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beauty Trend: Ombre Lips

By now, we have seen everything there is to ombre hair. We have seen it on all celebrities, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jessica Alba; we have seen all sorts of combinations, from blonde transitioning into pink, to brown transitioning into orange and everything in between.

Now, the time has come to move on, and sure enough, the ombre lips trend is here to stay. Dare I say it? people are being a lot more creative with their lips than they ever were with their hair, and it's pretty understandable: you went a little bit too over the top with your lips? one or two makeup removing wipes and the problem is gone. With your hair? not so much!

To help you stay on top of this trend, I have compiled a list of different kinds of ombre lips. There is one for every kind of girl!

1. For the safe one:
If you are more of a comfort-zone kind of girl when it comes to makeup, this look is for you. Just outline your lips with a lipstick that is the same color but one shade darker than the one on the rest of the lips, and blend them. It is not a very dramatic look but it's beautiful and feminine, and has that extra something that will make your lips stand out.
Image by CounterCultureBeauty


2. For the romantic one:
Pink lips with a subtle hint of coral or peach will complement a sweet, flirty look to perfection.
Image by The Model Stage

3. For the bold one:
Trying different bright shades is definitely a task for the brave ones out there. It takes serious skill to
show off different hues on your lips without looking like a clown. This is an example of a successful attempt, and a very sexy one at that:
Image by CounterCultureBeauty

4. For the party girl:
Bright glossy lips are a favorite for party-time. However, stand out by adding a dramatic color around
the center of your mouth, such as gold, silver, bronze, or even black!
Image by Korean Doll

Also, YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan did an amazing tutorial on her YouTube channel for the perfect ombre lips for the season, so make sure to check that one out!

Which ombre lips do you like best? Are you going to try it/have you tried it? Comment below!

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