Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vintage Accessories

I am mostly modern and minimalist when it comes to decorating a house, but when it comes to decorating myself (read: jewelry) I have a soft spot for vintage items. I just feel that they have a wonderful charm to them; they are romantic, classic and sophisticated. They immediately add character to an outfit. Here is a collection of some beautiful vintage items, each with its own unique story to tell:

Left to right from top to bottom:
Vintage Necklace from White Rabbit Designs  //  Vintage Beaded Purse from Little Tree Vintage  // Pastel Vintage Necklace from BogieBacall  //  Museum Treasure Bracelet from Ruche  //  Vintage Butterfly Ring from MelaniesFabFinds  //  Brushed 14K Gold Earrings from LilyEmme Jewelry  // Vintage Flower Pin from The Hokey Pokey  //  Vintage Scarf from Eclectic Shop  //  Another Vintage Scarf from Beta Accessories

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