Friday, October 18, 2013

Top 5: Brownie Recipes

Once upon a time, when people were going to throw a party, cook a recipe, plan a wedding, or just wanted some inspiration, they had to go to google, search several different websites until they finally found what they were looking for amongst all the information available. Then Pinterest came, and everything changed. All of a sudden, we had this world full of ideas, pictures and everything imaginable to draw inspiration from in one single place, and with the ability to keep it all nice and tidy in your own boards, so you can come back to them when you need them.

I remember when I was younger I had a cork board in my room, filled with photos, magazine pictures, and the odd quote. Now I have 24 boards on Pinterest that provide me with inspiration when I am not feeling very creative; some of the ideas we are going to use for our wedding, for example, are taken from there (with our own twist, you know, to make it "original").

One of the categories I like to browse the most is the food. I cannot cook to save myself, but I love eating, specially if it's something I am not supposed to (naughty Veronica!). Staying true to that, I am choosing here five brownie recipes that are in my opinion, the most scrumptious, decadent ones I have found on Pinterest so far:

1. Red Velvet Brownie Pie, from Crazy For Crust
For all of us fans of red velvet cupcakes, this red velvet brownie pie is nothing short of perfect. Full of chocolate chips and deliciousness, you can even add some whipped cream on top if you are feeling particularly naughty. For our American and Canadian friends, who are celebrating Thanksgiving pretty soon, this pie would be absolutely fitting. And for those of us who don't have Thanksgiving, we can still take a second and give thanks that there is something so delicious in the world for us to taste, because really, who isn't thankful for chocolate?

2. Rocky Road Brownies, by Martha Stewart
My Kiwi fiancé is absolutely nuts for Rocky Road (pun intended). I do like it, but nuts and marshmallows aren't really my favorite thing. However, these brownies look so good that it might just be what it takes for me to be a Rocky-Road convert. Oh, and let's not forget that it's Martha Stewart who is providing this recipe!

3. Strawberry Brownie Crumble, from It Bakes Me Happy
This has naughty deliciousness written all over it. I'm pretty sure I would have absolutely no problem eating this whole dish in one go, it looks that good. I think I would also add some bananas to it, to make it even yummier.

4. Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies, from Gourmandiseries
This recipe is originally in French, but you can also read it in English here. One of the things I like most about this recipe is how easy and simple it is. If you aren't gifted with the talent of cooking/baking, like me, you will most likely still be able to make these and they will actually taste good! amazing, in fact! This will probably be the one I start with, as it looks easy enough for me and I just can't wait to try those chewy cookies!

5. Chewy Nutella Brownies, from Finding Silver Linings
I was saving the best for last: Nutella! Nutella and I have a very close relationship. It comes with me wherever I go: it has accompanied me in the cold months in Germany, in the lonely months in Medellin, in the stressful months in New Zealand... I can always count on it. Oh, Nutella... you sweet sweet guilty pleasure!... okay, weird praise over. But seriously, if I could only make one of these recipes it would definitely be this one. Just look how chewy these brownies look!

Do you love brownies and chocolate and naughty food just as much?  (what a silly question, of course you do!). Do you have any more amazing brownie recipes I have to try?

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