Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday iPhone!

Me and technology hate each other. Not because I can't use it or don't understand it, but because I seem to break every. single. device. I touch! True story. I won't even mention how many laptops I've had to replace... *looks around in shame*

This is the reason why I jumped onto the Blackberry bandwagon much, much later than everyone else. Yes, at the end of 2011 I still had a non-Smartphone. Then I got one, and it lasted around six months before something (can't remember what) started failing. See what I mean? Finally, exactly one year ago I got my very first iPhone, and my luck started changing. Suddenly I found myself really enjoying it. Maybe a little bit too much. After being stuck in the Stone Age for so long and only using my phone for texting and e-mails, I discovered a whole world of stuff I could do with this new shiny iPhone.

I spent countless hours playing with any app I could find. I even downloaded my local supermarket app, and made shopping lists and budgets! Seeing as this month marks one year since I've had this addictive little thing, I thought I would list the culprits: those apps that I spent way too much time using.

1. Pinterest

2. Jigsaw Puzzle
Unlike my dad, I never particularly enjoyed puzzles. Until now. For some reason I can't stop solving countless of them, over and over.

3. Scramble With Friends
I never really liked Words with Friends, but became obsessed with its cousin, Scramble with Friends. I love challenging myself to find more words than whoever I am playing against.

4. Beautylish
As the name states, this app contains beauty articles, tutorials and tips, basically everything beauty-related. Makes for great light reading when you are out and about.

5. Jamie Oliver's Recipes
I can't cook. Like at all. But for some reason I find it interesting and not at all ridiculous to purchase the bi-monthly subscription (I think it's like 8 USD or something) to browse hundreds of recipes I am not nearly skilled to make. Since I got it, I've attempted ONE recipe (fruity ricotta pancakes with maple syrup) which actually didn't turn out all that bad. Maybe I'll find the courage again to make another one... which will probably be a cocktail or something.

6. Happier
Definitely an app I am loving at the moment. It encourages you to find little things in your day that make you happy, and keep them all in one place for when you need a little pick-me-up. Sort of a gratitude journal. It really really helps you put things in perspective and realize all you have to be thankful for.

7. Houzz
I can't keep track of time when I get sucked into this amazing world of home decor ideas. Kind of a more detailed, more tailored Pinterest, where you will find every single decorating style and a thousand ideas you would have never thought of, to start building the house of your dreams in your head (or even real life!).

8. Flipboard
Flipboard is the app you want when you need to vary your reads. It features articles about all sorts of topics, from recipes to the latest news, to celebrity gossip and scientific discoveries. You can just flip through until you find something that catches your eye, which will most likely be pretty quickly.

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