Thursday, October 10, 2013

Top 5: Pantone in Fashion and Beauty

I am hopeless at design. Just awful. But I do still become mesmerized by the wonderful world of color that is Pantone, and I do love incorporating different colors and experimenting with them in my wardrobe.

It was not an easy task, but I finally narrowed it down to five Pantone colors that have caught my eye, obsessed me, and now make up the biggest percentage of my closet:

1. Crimson
One of my favorite colors, as a good girly-girl, is pink. However, this Pantone color is a more grown-up pink, very close to red, that works perfectly for both day and night, and adds a stunning pop of color to any outfit to make it stand out.

A crimson accessory is the perfect complement to a neutral outfit to add that pop of color that will make it stand out, like this one from Sir Jack's

2. Atlantic Deep
What I love most about this color is its ability to be combined in endless possibilities, giving your outfit a boost of elegance.
A gorgeous Atlantic Deep dress, paired with leggings is an easy yet chic option. This one is from Opus Fashion

3. Emerald
This didn't win Pantone "Color of the Year 2013" for nothing: it is gorgeous and vibrant, but for me its biggest attribute of this color is that it is flattering for most skin colors and body types, so most women look amazing in it.
An Emerald accessory like this Marc Jacobs Paradise In Rio bag is a perfect choice to dress up your day attire and transition it into a fancy date look. 

4. Acai
A must-have for Fall and Winter, Acai is a fun, vibrant purple that will brighten up a serious look without making it look childish. This is the fall equivalent of Crimson (which looks specially amazing during Spring and Summer).

I found this pretty iPhone case on Etsy, with light purple and Acai diamonds. Acai balances the light purple, making this iPhone case just the right amount of girly and cute.

5. Pink Lemonade
I can't help it. I am a lover of all things pink, so here it features again, and this time, Pink Lemonade is a soft, girly pink which I am crazy about. It is sweet and flirty, and I try to use it as often as possible, incorporating it in subtle ways so I don't end up looking like a four-year-old.

This MAC Lipglass, which shares its name with the Pantone color, will be sure to add a sweet and flirty touch to your finished look, so you can channel your inner romantic.

There is an entire world of color to explore, and a million ways in which they can be combined. If you want to check out Pantone's Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Color Report, you can do so here. It is a collection of the colors predicted to become the highest trends of those seasons, so make sure to head over there and stay ahead of fashion.

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