Friday, September 27, 2013

F is for Friday's Frozen Yogurt!

My friday is going by way too slowly... I am stuck in the office, and while I do enjoy my job most of the time, today is just a blah day with not many people coming in and me feeling really crappy due to an unwelcome cold. I was definitely having a case of the "friday-blues" (I know that's not a thing, but hey, who says I can't start my own "thing"). For me the friday blues happen when I really really really need a weekend break, but the hours until it comes are going by extra-slowly... or does that only happen to me?

Pretty much since I woke up today, I was dreaming of finishing work and going to get my favorite frozen yogurt (one of my biggest weaknesses). Alas, I did not succeed in waiting until work was over, and had to have a 15 minute break to go and get it. And it felt like the BEST. FROZEN. YOGURT. EVER! It was such a foodgasm moment for me, that I had to take my iPhone out and capture it, so here it is:

There is absolutely no better combination in this world for me than that of chocolate and strawberries. I really try sometimes to make it a little bit healthier and change the chocolate chips for fruits, such as bananas or mangoes, but today was not one of those days. I enjoyed every single bite of it and returned to work only to find that I still had two hours left of work to do... but hey, those two hours are so much easier to handle after a quick chocolate pick-me-up, right?

The world is now invaded by fro-yo of every kind, with every imaginable flavor and toppings, so most people have a particular preference, or certain toppings they get every single time. My fiancé, for example, loves his with cherries and chocolate sauce, which I don't really care for, but each to their own. So how do you prefer your frozen yogurt? And please tell me, what are your tips and tricks to tolerate those long, torturous hours before the weekend?

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