Friday, September 20, 2013

Top 5: Favorite Cities

Oh, hello there!

I am a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a person by what their favorite places in the world are. Is it a tropical island, as far away as possible from everything else? Or is it right in the middle of the action, with a hundred things going on at the same time?  Is it in the heart of Africa, being amazed at a million different animals? Or a romantic stroll down a little street in Rome?

Since I want you all to start knowing me a little better, I am going to share my five favorite cities in the whole entire world. I have been in all of them, and completely fell in love. I think about most of these places on a daily basis, and I definitely want to settle permanently in one of them, hopefully in the not so distant future.

So, here they are in order:

1. New York City, NY
New York is my absolute No.1 place in the world. I am as urban as they come; I love the city, the business, the action. I don't mind noisy streets or cramped apartments one bit. (I mean, if you live in NYC, you would hardly want to spend a lot of time in your apartment anyway). The more people there are in one city, the better. I love how in NYC, you have so many possibilities: you will never get bored as there is a new and exciting place opening up every single day. You can find absolutely anything you could ever want, you basically don't need a car, it is full of amazing views and beautiful fashion, all packed into one beautiful city. The two holidays I've spent there were the most fun I've had, and I just can't stress enough how much I love it.

2. Wellington, New Zealand.
First and foremost, this is where I met the love of my life: my wonderful fiancé Sean. Yes, he is a kiwi. Wellington is just filled with the most wonderful energy I have ever felt in my entire life. Everyone is so happy, and smiling, and joyful all over. I lived there for over a year, and walking down the waterfront was the highlight of my day. Not only does it have stunning views of the Cook Strait, but the people there just make your heart smile. I loved how it is a very young city, most of the Wellington population is made up of university students, so it has a very laid-back yet exciting vibe. The best way I can describe it is that I really feel that I am being myself whenever I'm there.

3. Cartagena, Colombia.
This city will always hold a special place in my heart. Located on the caribbean coast of my homeland, I lived there for 14 years from the age of three. It is a very stunning city, full of history, romanticism and charm. It has a castle and a wall built in the 16th century to protect the city from the spaniards, which are still up and standing to this date. It has a gorgeous sea, breathtaking sunsets and the typical chilled attitude of the caribbean.

4. Sydney, Australia
Oh, Sydney, how I cherish you. You are to me the combination of everything that makes a city wonderful: lovely people; incredible beaches; and a metropolitan feel. This is also a city where there is something going on all the time. Basically, much like NYC, it has everything you could want in one place.

5. Miami, FL
This city also made it to the list thanks to its vibe, similar to that of Wellington. Whenever I'm there, I get this great feeling that I can just BE. I feel cheerful, and excited, there is something in the air that makes my soul happy and content. And then there is the shopping. Oh, the shopping... this is pretty superficial, but I can't deny that I do love a good shopping session, and there is no other city where I have more fun doing it than Miami.

If you haven't noticed yet, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my five favorite cities is by the beach. And all of them also offer a big-city feel at the same time.
Now it's your turn: what are your favorite cities/places in the world and what makes them so special?

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