Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beauty Trend: Nude Nails

While spring and summer are seasons known for fun, flirty and relaxed trends in beauty and fashion, fall is really where the most sophisticated, feminine and elegant trends come to life.

This season one of the biggest trends that I am in love with are nude nails.  Not only are they gorgeous, but they are also super versatile: they transition ever so smoothly between day and night, work and fun. They really are appropriate for any occasion (which is not the case with other nail trends, like magnetic polish or 3D accents). 

If your skin is on the darker side, this is definitely a must-try, as the nails will stand out beautifully against your skin. However, nude nails don't only suit darker-skinned girls: pale girls can benefit from wearing sheerer shades of nude, so as not to create an undesirable contrast with their skin. A good rule to follow when choosing a flesh-colored lacquer is to go for one that matches your foundation, and that way your nails won't clash with your overall look.

Regardless of your skin tone, clean nails and cuticles are crucial in order to rock this trend as any dirt will definitely show. 

If you love being adventurous with your nails, fear not: this trend doesn't have to be plain or boring. Here are some tips to add an edge to your mani:

1. Add nail strips over the lacquer. Here, YouTube beauty guru MissGlamorazzi is rocking a stunning, chic manicure wearing Essie Topless & Barefoot underneath, and Revlon by Marchesa nail strips on top, in Beaded Couture:

Image from Ingrid Nilsen's Instagram account, @TheGridMonster

2.  Add an accent nail:

Image by Bellasugar

3. Incorporate nude shades into some fun nail art:

Image from Stylosophy

There is an endless selection of nude hues to choose from now, from really sheer, barely-there tones to light brownish nudes. To make it easier for you to choose, I have rounded up my three favorite options: a light nude, a medium nude and a darker one.

Finally, I did my own nude nails. I am absolutely terrible at doing my nails, but I do them from time to time anyway in hope that practice makes perfect (or at least acceptable!), so please forgive the quality of my manicure:

What is your favorite nail trend this fall? And are you going to be wearing the nude nail trend? 

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