Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Roundup: Funny YouTube Videos

Continuing with the trend we started last week, every Friday I will pick a theme and compile a list of useful, funny or interesting Internet finds. Today's turn is for the videos that have made me laugh the loudest lately (No, no funny cats in here!):

1. Sean can tell you just how obsessed I am with Ellen. So, naturally, she comes first with this gem:

2. Even "Mr.-I'm-so-serious" Sean was laughing out loud with this one:

3.  The funniest (saddest?) part about this next video is that this could totally happen to me:

4. I mean, if you are going to commit a crime, at least be smart about it!

5. And to think my husband was so lame to propose to me on one knee!!  I'm claiming my money back!!

This is great, because whenever I am feeling a little down I can always come back to this and it will instantly lift my mood. I mean, who doesn't feel instantly better knowing that as bad as things may seem, they at least haven't burned their hair off?

 photo Footer_zps0751fb70.jpg


  1. Ahhh thanks for the pick-me-up on this Friday afternoon at work! The hair tutorial is my absolute favorite. I can't imagine the heart attack I would've had if my husband proposed like that!

    1. Hahaha Littlemissblackbean I am glad I made your day just that little bit better! :) keep checking in every Friday for another cool round-up ;)


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