Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Savior Products!

We all have several distinct categories in our closets. Allow me to explain:

First there are the products that you don't even know are there. One day you are spring cleaning and next thing you know you are wondering how on Earth did you end up with a couple of suspicious-looking frogs playing musical instruments.

Then there's stuff that you know it's there but never wear. You don't give it away though, because you are sure you'll wear it when you get invited to the King's granddaughter's christening/ a pig's birth / a pillow fight at the Renaissance fair. There's really no way to say this nicely: you won't. Give. It. Away.

Then there's a whole other bunch of stuff that you wear/use every now and then.

And finally, there's that stuff that you simply can't live without. You know what I'm talking about, right? That top that just goes with everything, or that cardigan you'll wear regardless of the weather because it makes any outfit look so cute, or the pants that you can dress up or down and have been known to wear (gasp!) three times in one week. Yeah, we all have them. Those garments or items that get you out of trouble; those that when you are running late and don't have time to pick the perfect outfit, you can just throw on and you know you look put together. My own stash is composed of these seven treasures items:

1. Large owl necklace from Forever 21:
This one goes with basically everything. From a casual top and jeans to a classier dress, this adds a little something extra. It is cute, fun and versatile, so I love it and wear it all the time.

2. LUSH's Dream Cream Body Lotion: I know this isn't a clothes item, but I'm telling ya': this little pot is a true savior when I am running late, and basically, whenever my skin is rebelling against me: it goes on really smoothly and absorbs immediately, barely has any scent (so it doesn't compete with my perfume), and is really soothing on dry and irritated skin.

3. Printed jeans: My go-to pants for when I'm feeling lazy: I simply put this on, grab a nice top and I'm good to go. The bonus is that the print makes it a lot less boring than your old jeans-and-t-shirt combo, so it gives the impression of having put a bit more thought to the whole outfit.

4. My Kleenex box: Another non-clothes item, but allergies hit me so very hard and when I least expect it, so a good supply of tissues is a must for me. But on top of that, the box they come in is so cute that it adds a nice little touch to my dresser and I even use them everyday to dry my face, instead of using a face cloth, which might carry bacteria (and God knows how my face would react to that!)

5. Good ol' black leggings
The most basic of basics. The possibilities are endless: you can wear it a hundred different ways, so no one has to know that it's your fourth time already this week.

6. Dress from Desigual
Boy, is this practical for when I'm late for work! This dress with some black pumps, a messy hair bun, a nice lippie and you are set for the day. And not only is it appropriate for work: I have worn this to go to the mall, a friend's house, a barbecue and all sorts of social situations.

7. Matte gold flats
What would I do without these!? Since they are matte, they are absolutely perfect for daytime, and the color allows itself to be paired with almost whatever else you are wearing. And don't even get me started on how comfortable they are! A well-deserved treat for my poor feet after enduring high heels all week. I wear them so often, that they are a little worn by now, as you can probably tell:

Now over to you: what are your lifesaver products?

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