Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blog Makeover!! // Be Yourself ... (Unless you are an asshat)

So, if you have ever been on this blog before, you would have noticed that it has had quite the makeover!  The beautiful oh so lovely Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee designed the header, and it is everything I wanted and more!! I am so beyond happy with this little space on the internet. (oh, and you have to check out Kaelah's brand new notebooks, in partnership with Denik; they are dreamy!)

Then, I also came across this lovely badge from Squeesome, and I just had to have it on my blog:

Blog Freebies
I am a firm believer that the fastest way to achieve happiness is to be true to ourselves. In the end, it's our life that we are living, no one else's, so don't give anyone the right to make you who they want you to be. I write so passionately about this because I didn't know how truly life-changing it could be to be find that something that defines you. Thanks to last year's experience, when I failed to find a job in New Zealand, I was forced to dig deep inside myself. I made myself go back to the basics: what sort of job would truly bring happiness and fulfillment to my life? Am I going to settle for what I can find (which was clearly not happening), or do I go out and make it happen for myself? And if I'm going to make it happen, then exactly what and how and where is it going to be?

These were really hard questions, they made me second-guess everything I believed to be true. It was very surprising to find out that the answer had always been there, staring me in the eye, waiting to be uncovered. And when I finally admitted to myself that writing is what I wanted to do, I took full responsibility for it. I love daydreaming, but I refuse to sit and dream about a life writing. I decided to dive head first into it, and start this blog. My very own outlet, a collection of all the things I like: beauty, fashion, being a mommy, traveling, food, home decor... whatever is inspiring me at any given moment. I have never felt more honest and more authentic in my entire life. I don't know if people are even reading all my ramblings, but at least I am being me.

There is no feeling quite like knowing exactly without a shadow of a doubt where you want your life to go. It took me 25 years to be brave enough to believe it, and now that I have, nothing seems more obvious. Boy, am I excited! I am probably boring you, but I just can't stress enough how much happiness it brings to find your true calling. When I picture myself doing this permanently, it warms my heart a little (yes, I am getting way too cheesy, better stop now!).

Be it sports, be it drawing, be it writing, be it traveling... whatever it is that just lifts your spirits, puts a smile to your face, and makes you proud to be yourself, go ahead, do it. Start now! I doubt there is a greater regret than to have lived a life that wasn't truly yours.

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