Monday, November 4, 2013

Chevron Home Decor

I have shared my love of Chevron prints on several occasions already, like here and here; but I thought I would dedicate one entire post to it. If I could, I would decorate my entire house in Chevron print. I might at some point, probably when we find a house we want to settle in (read: in New Zealand).

I know, the world is currently invaded by Chevron print. Some call it a "Chevron Madness", but in my opinion it is totally justified. I don't think it will go away any time soon. My favorite thing about this print is that you can incorporate it into all sorts of little details around your house: bedding, rugs, wall art, even mugs. It is practically fool-proof (perfect for me, as my decorating skills are, let's say, somewhat limited). With a few of these items around and not much else, your home will still look beautifully decorated.

Here are some items I found and love. They add quite a bit of life to these homes, don't ya' think?:

There are literally thousands of options out there to decorate your home with: Chevron prints come in every color there is, in almost every single style, so don't be afraid to play around a little with some fun, unexpected objects like the switch cover on the last picture. It will give your home a much more relaxed, youthful vibe. If your home is in need of an update, or a little makeover, Chevron prints will achieve it with just a few, key elements, making it a stylish, yet inexpensive option! So really, what is there not to love!?

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  2. I love re-decorating my room! And the rest of the house :) interior design is SO much fun!


    1. Hi Sharlotte! Yes, it is a great feeling isn't it? And it doesn't have to be expensive either, if you just update a few key items in your house :)
      Thanks for commenting!


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