Thursday, November 14, 2013

Socially Conscious Christmas Gift Ideas

There are two types of people in this world: the earlybirds who have already started their Christmas shopping, and the ones who leave it until the last minute and find themselves running around on Christmas Eve trying to find the perfect gift for Aunt Muriel (which, let's face it, will either end up being a book voucher or a fruit basket). I have been known to be the latter. This year, however, I decided to be different and hopefully have around 30% of my list crossed off by the 1st of December. A girl can dream...

With that in mind, I started thinking about what sort of presents I would like to give this year. I also really want to try to be less commercial with my shopping, and be more socially conscious about who I am supporting. Small business owners often have amazing and creative stuff, and definitely more original than mainstream. Also, since they aren't mass-produced, the quality of the products is likely to be better.

If, like me, you want to get a head start with your shopping, here is a list of some rad small businesses and how they can help you out. Or, you could wait until the 24th and come back to this post to make your life easier. You are welcome.

1. For your bad-ass mom who loves the simple, elegant things in life: this Turquoise Oracle necklace from Soul Makes
2. For your little sister who is an aspiring fashionista: these cute heart-shaped Silver earrings from LilyEmme Jewelry

3. For your classic and sophisticated father, this messenger laptop bag from Sew Much Style

4. For your little bro who lives for comic books: a cellphone case from Bluez Skiez

5. For your bestie who has recently developed an obsession with all things pink and vintage: these vintage drop earrings from Jacaranda Designs

6. For your eco-conscious, meditative and somewhat hippie aunty: an opium, sandalwood and soy candle from VoodooWick

7. For your pet-loving little cousin: a rad pocket journal from Mountains Of The Moon.

8. For that friend you always take with you to pamper yourselves: a bath bomb gift set from Elegant Rose Boutique

9. For your stylish and ever-so-practical workmate: this fun green and ivory tote with leather bottom from Milo And Molly

10. For your boyfriend's newborn nephew: a too-cute-for-words hat from She Makes Hats

11. For your cousin whose life-long idol and role model is Julia Child: a super chic apron from Annabel's Aprons

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  1. I am loving that apron! These are all great gift ideas. =0)


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