Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Reason Behind The Name

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Hello you all, and welcome to A Bunch of Radness, previously known as The Happy Life of a City Girl.

I mentioned last week that I was introducing some changes into my blog. When I decided to do it, I knew that the first thing that had to change was the name. It was not a name I could relate to anymore, nor did it relate to my content in any way. The blog became somewhat self-helpy and at the end I could not find any inspiration at all, which in turn translated into content I wasn't particularly fond of. None of that is good for a blog. And I specially didn't want something that I enjoyed so much to turn into something I did just for the sake of it.

So I did a lot of brainstorming, with the occasional help from my husband. I wanted a name that would be consistent with the direction I want my blog to be headed in, content-wise. One of those nights in bed, after discarding name after cringe-worthy name, it hit me. I want my blog to be great, to be enjoyed, to be useful, and fun to read (pretentious, much!?). When people head over to read it, I want them to think "This is some great stuff!", but mostly, I want it to be something I feel proud of. I want it to be rad, basically, for me and my readers alike. So the name conveys exactly what I want the blog to be: a bunch of rad stuff, a bunch of radness!! The second I thought of the name, I knew that was it. It fits my vision of the blog to a t.

To be consistent with the name change, some of the content had to change too. The Happy Life almost felt like a lecture at some point, which is something I myself don't particularly enjoy reading on other blogs. The content of ABoR will be much more focused on little projects that take me out of my comfort zone (some DIY, food, cocktails, perhaps some beauty inspiration and more). I want it to be something that really challenges me to improve and gain skill. It will be based on doing more stuff rather than talking (or writing) about it. And photography: Not only do I want to improve the quality of the photos on this blog, but I have also developed a love for photography during the past year. I want to explore it a lot more. Oh, and if you are interested, I can also share my experience with the Mastering Your DSLR course from A Beautiful Mess, which I started this week!!!

So again I welcome you to A Bunch of Radness. I hope you enjoy it and stay here a while. Change is a good thing!

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  1. I love the new name! I think it's great. And, if you have a new button, please send it over and I'll update you on my sidebar. =0)
    Plus, I'd love to see your experience with the Mastering Your DSLR course. I'm always looking for photog tips. I don't have a fancy camera, but you know.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Kim!!
      I will work on my new button and send it over, thanks ;-)


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