Monday, March 3, 2014

My Style: Sunday Layers (In Hot Weather!)

Hello and welcome to another style post!
I haven't done these very often, but I find them really fun and intend on doing them more frequently from now on.
This week my pick were layers. You might be thinking: "Have you gone insane!? layers in a city that is perpetually 90º F  (30 - 35 ºC)!!!!?" And for the most part, you'd be right, but the thing is, when the weather is so preposterous, every single place blasts their air conditioning. So I've identified those places where I immediately freeze upon entering, and yesterday I knew I was going to one of them (our mall) so I decided to layer it up.

Graphic tees are everywhere now that people are getting into spring mode, and I love me a good graphic tee, so I wore one with little wolves and birds, and on top I wore a green button down shirt that I "stole" from my mom (and when I say stole, I mean that I mentioned it was cute once, and she let me keep it). And then I just wore my black zippered tights.

Accessories were kept simple, with a vintage statement necklace, and outside I also wore a hat I've had since forever (can't even remember where it's from!). My glasses are from Detour by the blogger Zoella, and you can get them here.

Once inside, my hair was a lot more under control:

This was a perfect option for a Sunday outing. The button down shirt was very lightweight for this weather, but perfectly comfortable inside too, and when it got too warm I just took it off just and left the sleeveless tee. Finally, the outfit was completed by my all-time black pumps, and voilà.

 photo Footer_zps0751fb70.jpg


  1. Great layer look. I'm all about layering but it's so hot and muggy where I'm at currently. Great post =)


  2. Love the outfit!

    Cheers, Lily


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