Friday, May 30, 2014

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Review

Sometimes there are things in life that you lust after for ages (Ryan Gosling, anyone?), and then when you finally get your hands on them, they turn out to be an utter, devastating disappointment (not that Ryan would be, though!). Well, that's kind of what happened to me with the much raved-about Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil.

I'm telling you, that dude is big in the beauty community. Everyone uses words such as "luscious", "silky" and "wonder" when they refer to it. Me? more like "Oh no, you didn't!". Turns out, for some unknown reason, my skin decided to declare war on me when I put this on.

I need to say, this is the first oil I've put on my face EVER, because I produce enough as it is. However, anyone who understands skincare will tell you that putting the right oil on your face will actually stop your skin from thinking it's dry and overproducing oil. Fair enough. So i bit the bullet and got what I thought would be "the right oil". I put it on at night after my toner, a bit hesitantly but also quite smugly, thinking I was being so beauty smart.
The next morning my skin did have a lovely texture. That is, everywhere but those four zits that I had gained overnight. That's right: four. Up until then I had been feeling happy with my skin, it was (for once!) under some control, no zits in sight... and then comes this "oil" and all my hard work is gone all of a sudden... but such is life.

I was left heartbroken. My skin did feel amazing on the parts that weren't broken out, and I wanted so bad to keep using it. Not to mention I am in love with Tarte as a brand: their foundation is amazing, their lip tints are incredible, so are their cheek tints; they are an Eco-friendly brand full of good-for-you stuff, so why did the oil have to be so bad for me? I guess we'll never know...
My skin has started to recover but I still have some pigmented reminders of my short-lived affair with my first ever oil. However, I vow to remain a faithful Tarte consumer, I understand it was my skin's fault and not theirs. And I'm sure the oil won't be a waste either: my mom has rather dry skin, which I'm sure will love some of the "wonder lusciousness" that is this product.

Will I ever try another oil again? probably. There are still many my skin needs to come to terms with: tea tree oilRosehip oil and moroccan argan oil are next on my wishlist.

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