Monday, May 5, 2014

OOTD: My Birthday Outfit

Today is my birthday!!  Yay!!!

I am one of those people that has always loved birthdays. I think they're great and even though they mean I'm one year older (I'm now officially in the second half of my twenties! yikes!), I try to see the glass half-full: presents! Just kidding. But really, it's as good a time as any to treat yourself to something nice. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, either: even a hot bubble bath with some good chocolate is a nice way to celebrate all you have accomplished.

Last week I decided to treat myself to this gorgeous pastel wartercolor dress. It is spring-y, feminine and delicate. But my favorite thing about it is the cut. It fits my body perfectly.

It wasn't cheap so when I saw it and immediately fell in love with it I was praying that it would look terrible on me, but then I tried it on and it was basically made with me in mind, (perhaps they knew my birthday was coming up?), so you know, I had to get it. Am I the only one who has ever had those "oh-God-help-me-'cuz-if-this-looks-cute-on-me-I'm-definitely-getting-it-even-though-I-can't-afford-it" moments? I certainly hope not!

I wore it yesterday for the first time as I had a special pre-Birthday dinner date with my husband, and as soon as he saw me his eyes went wide open and he said: "wow... That's a nice dress!" When he adds the "wow" before anything I know he really means it, so the splurge was totally worth it.

I kept the accessories simple as I wanted the focus to be on the dress, so I threw on a whimsical silver necklace with matching earrings, and basic nude pumps and I was ready. Brownie points to the dress for looking so put together with minimal accessorizing efforts.

I can already see myself wearing the heck out of this dress. It is super comfortable, and I love how delicate it looks thanks to the mesh detailing on the back. I think it will be perfect for multiple occasions: it is rather formal on its own but can easily be dressed down too for a more casual affair, like with some nice sandals. Even some tights would look great with this dress if the weather starts chilling down a bit.

Again trying to kept the main focus on the dress, my makeup was nothing too over the top. I wanted to try the lavender trend, which is all the rage now, and it pairs wonderfully with the dress. For the eyes, I used Stila In The Light eyeshadow palette, and for the lips I used the Dior Addict Lipstick in Tulle 214.

All in all this was the perfect Birthday outfit, an awesome start to a new year of life for me! Here's to many more awesome birthdays, and awesome dresses!

P.S.  I took my fair time getting ready, so by the time I wanted to take the pictures, all the light was gone and it had started raining!!  So I had to take them indoors, with very little light. They will have to do. Sorry about that!

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