Sunday, April 27, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons...

... and mangoes, and bananas, and apples, and oranges... It's because you have a 3 year-old at the supermarket who won't stop putting stuff in your trolley!

Ok, ok... I can't take all the credit. I actually saw that line on Ellen one day, but hey, it is just so accurate! When you have a toddler, a full-time job and hobbies, your hands are full every second of every day (not that I don't enjoy it, though!). In life, in my opinion, it is all a matter of prioritizing. Some say you can't have it all. I say you can organize it all.


I have two methods for this:

1. The non-negotiable list:
This is something I think I might have learned from reading one too many Cosmo magazines, but it has become a rule I live by. Recently, a good friend of mine was struggling with her decision whether or not to break up with a long-term boyfriend who was just not fulfilling her anymore. I hate giving advise on these situations (I have learned that it hardly ever ends well), but what I did tell her was to make a list of the stuff that is non-negotiable for her. This changes for every person. For some, it would be non negotiable to have a smoker boyfriend, for instance. For others, this would be no biggie. So she needed to determine what constituted deal-breakers for her and what traits she could live with, and then see whether her relationship was worth fighting for with a little more tolerance, or whether it would just keep making her unhappy.

I don't apply this rule to just relationships, either. For me, it is non-negotiable to have a date night with my husband every week. It is also non-negotiable to have at least once a fortnight, a couple of hours to myself where I sit at a café and read a good book, or to read a book to my son on most nights. Once I figured it out, it was much easier to decide what then needed to be compromised: Maybe one day I just won't waste time reading my magazines. Or maybe I just won't exercise that day, because spending time with my husband and son is more important. It is all a matter of balance and perspective.

And also, very importantly, it is a matter of learning not to feel guilty for compromising some stuff in favor of what actually means the most to us. Learn to not let people dictate what you should and should not accept. Back to my friend: her aunty might believe that this guy is a total catch because he has this incredible job and is really smart. This could persuade my friend to stay with him if she was to listen to what other people deem important and not her.

2. Make even more lists.
I am a list maker in all its glory. I make lists for everything, from groceries (duh!) to wishlists, to stuff I need to do, to stuff I need to talk to my mom about, you name it. It helps keep my brain organized and leaves room for other important stuff (like where the hell did I leave my keys!?). This is how I can see all the stuff that needs some attention in one place, and decide what to tackle first, and what can wait. It also allows me to allocate time to each one, so I don't get too overwhelmed by a mountain of tasks. I still do get overwhelmed sometimes, but it helps me see that I can make time for most things!.

Now, this is not for everyone. For example, my dad insists that life shouldn't be planned so much. I do agree, to a point, but in order to keep my sanity I just have to have some sort of organizational system and this is what works for me. It also allows me to perform well at my full-time job, and then come home and spend quality time with my husband and son, and still have (somewhat) of a social life on top of it. I do fail miserably at times (hello, posting schedule!) but I'm sure it would be much more often if I didn't try to keep track of what I want to accomplish the most.

All this preamble, was actually to announce that I decided to get (a lot more!) organized on this little blog. I realized that not having a defined schedule was resulting in me not making the effort to come up with good content. I'll make more of an effort to bring you more radness, and that means streamlining: from this moment on, each day of the week will be assigned a specific category or topic.

- Mondays will be dedicated to beauty and/or fashion, simply because -for me at least- this is a great start to the week. Outfits of the day, tutorials, skincare routines and all sorts of pretty clothes are all coming your way the first day of every week.

- Tuesdays will be a wild card: this means miscellaneous -but pretty rad- stuff, such as books, travel, motherhood and food. Or this could be a break day too in case I'm having one of "those" weeks.

- Wednesdays is home decor/DIY day. I am in the process of completely redecorating my home and finding some amazing inspiration and ideas along the way that I can't wait to share with y'all.

- Thursdays will be dedicated to awesome finds. This means all things Pinterest-worthy: mind-blowing stuff, incredible photography, heartwarming stories, and overall goodness. This is the day when you will find all the stories worth reading and pictures worth seeing from around the web.

- Fridays will also be a wild card. So expect a different topic or issue on these days.

Boy does it feel good to have a structure! I put two wild cards as I don't want to limit this blog. Like most people, I have many different interests and thoughts and it would be a shame to feel like I can't share them here. So there you have it: after a super long hiatus this blog is getting a lot more structured and streamlined. So grab a cup o' joe, sit back and I hope you enjoy and stay a while!

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