Monday, April 21, 2014

Vintage Decor Tips From Grandma

Last week we stayed at my grandma's place for the whole week (hence why I hadn't blogged for what feels like ages!). There is a fine line between a beautiful vintage vibe, and a dated, obsolete, grandma-y one, and my grandma's home (interestingly enough!) falls into the former category. So naturally I asked her to share some of her insight with me.

I have always been a big fan of everything vintage, but alas, I had never been brave enough to try it in my own home for fear of looking old-fashioned. But here are the keys to add some vintage elements into your home and still have it look modern and fashionable:

1. Vintage trays and mirrors 
Little trays and mirrors add personality to a space (like a bathroom) but are also simple enough not to make too big a statement. Place little glass bottles on top, adding a pop of color to counteract its effect.

2. Add fresh elements next to old ones
In order to counteract the old feel of a space, add some new, fresh elements into the mix. For example, here she placed a clean vase with some white flowers next to old-looking vintage clock and books, which makes them look more updated.

3. Halls and corridors can use some vintage-loving too
If you have a hall, entryway or corridor that looks too plain, add two or three statement pieces that set the tone for that space. Plus, these pictured containers double as genius storage!

4. Focus on an opaque pastel color palette
A soft color palette can instantly add a vintage character to any room. If blush hues feel too grandma-y for you, however, then you can still play around with some trendier yet still vintage color palettes, such as rose gold.

These little tips are simple enough, and don't necessarily require a big budget. They are perfect if you want to give your house a much-needed makeover, with minimum fuss and expense but major effect.

Please do share, what are your best tips to give a room (or a whole home!) a vintage/romantic vibe?

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