Thursday, June 26, 2014

Decorating My New House v.1: My Perfect Vanity

Okay, so I know I have been super inconsistent in my posting the last couple of weeks.. but this time I do have a legitimate excuse: I moved! not only houses, but cities, too. And jobs. And I am so very, very excited because I am now living by the sea, in a city I absolutely adore, where many of my very best friends live. However, moving can be such a pain! Packing everything up, arranging movers, unpacking everything again and arranging it... it can get a bit overwhelming at times (and it did!). So instead of letting myself be swamped by a huge to-do list, I decided to focus on the best part: decorating my house from scratch!

Being the beauty hoarder that I am, the first thing I wanted to sort out was my vanity. At my old place I didn't have the room to set a space just for me, where I could keep all my products organized and nicely stored, so when I started house-hunting I specifically looked for a space where I could arrange a gorgeous vanity to fit my needs. My needs being:

1. Sufficient room for all my beauty products.
2. Lots and lots of light (have you ever done your makeup in the dark, only to realize you resemble a drag queen once you have left the house!? not me, definitely not, never, no sir!).
3. Vintage inspired, yet not grandma-y, to match the vibe of the rest of our house.

When I was contacted by One Kings Lane, I was delighted to see that they had a ton of awesome stuff in a huge variety of styles and price ranges, and I let myself go wild looking for all the things I need to create my own perfect vanity. Fun, fun, fun! If you are wanting to update your own vanity, or add some nice touches to the one you already have, you will almost certainly find something there to fit your own style and budget. After some browsing around, here is what I ended up loving the most for my new space:

1. Vevey Oversized Mirror: In my opinion, the best way to start designing your vanity is with your mirror. A huge statement mirror will set the tone for the rest of the vanity, and you can then keep decorating around it. My favorite one from their site is this wooden one. I love the shape and color, which give it a vintage feel, but the wood counteracts its effect so it doesn't look outdated. And of course, by being oversized (29" x 45") it doesn't need a lot more to make a statement. And it brings in lots of light, too. Basically, it ticks all the boxes for me. For even more inspiration on how to make the most out of your mirror, I found this great list of 7 Ways to Work Magic with a Mirror. It is well worth a read!

2. Roland Table Lamp: I am in love with the texture of this lamp. I think it adds personality to it, while the white cotton shade keeps it sleek and clean. It also pairs perfectly with the mirror! Can you tell by now that I love things that have a lot of contrast to them? I find them so much more interesting!

3. Trellis Frame: I like the elegant feel of keeping my vanity light and neutral with some gold accents, but I still think it's fun and fresh to add a pop of color. My choice is this too-cute frame in teal, perfect to keep a picture of my boys right beside me when I'm doing my makeup. I love it a lot.

4. Apothecary bottles with gold accents: I love the old-school vibe of apothecary bottles, but sometimes they might be a little too old looking for my taste. But then I saw this chevron one and the polka-dotted one and they were exactly what I wanted to complete my vanity! Again, they are super contrasty: old bottles with modern golden accents? yes, please! I'm thinking I will put some fresh flowers in it because I love that it's kind of unexpected, not to mention fancy and sophisticated, no?

I am really happy about these four choices, I think they fit my personality and the rest of my house to a t, and I am super excited to have such a nice space to get ready every day. What about you? Do you also have a nice little haven all of your own in your home? I would love to hear about it!

This post was created as part of the "Reflect Your Style" campaign, together with One Kings Lane. 
All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I love your picks for decor here! I had a great sales on one kings lane and Gilt last spring. and I see my art surround by those home decor findings:) lovely!


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