Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Week Of Pampering Treats

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves. One is simply a better person after a well-deserved treat, no?

I have picked a little something for every day of the week, each non-time-consuming and non-expensive. Come back to this whenever you are having one of those weeks, or really, whenever you simply feel like it!

Let's get cracking, then!

Oh, Monday Monday Monday... you little deliverer of the mean reds*, you!
Well, let's face it: nothing beats starting the week with a nice, long, relaxing bath. What you'll need: some bathing salts or essential oils; your favorite wine; and a nice magazine or book. A pretty much free me-time that is so worth it and leaves you all set for a long week ahead.
*major brownie points for you if you got that reference!  ;)

Our hands are hard workers, and they too deserve some loving! This concoction takes literally five minutes to make, and you can use stuff you already have in your cupboard: mix two parts brown or raw sugar with one part honey and one part hand lotion, and rub a dub dub all over your hands. Leave on for a couple of minutes and then rinse off, and your hands will be like silk mittens (and smell delicious too!).

Yesterday we treated hands to a mini homemade spa. Today is the turn for the tootsies. Pour some hot water into a big bowl, grab a pumice stone and rub off the dryness and roughness. Add your favorite hand lotion to the water to make it nice and hydrating. Leave your feet in there for as long as you wish, but at least for 15 minutes. Feeling extra fancy? substitute the lotion for a bath bomb, which will not only moisturize your feet too, but add fun colors and effects to the water. Talk about enjoying the simple things in life!

Even15 minutes of this after a long day makes all the difference!

A face mask will get rid of all the gunk that has been accumulating on your face over the week, and as a bonus, it will leave you feeling baby-soft and relaxed. You can get excellent, budget-friendly masks anywhere (I love Montagne Jeunesse ones, at $1.99! and LUSH fresh face masks at $6.95!), but you can also concoct your own one at home: since my skin has some issues with breakouts and oiliness, a really good one for me is combining 2tbsp honey with 1tsp cinnamon and 1tsp nutmeg, which is antibacterial, moisturizing and cleansing. For other skin concerns, there are a myriad other recipes on the Internet that use stuff you already have. Fifteen minutes later, your face will show no signs of the week's events.

The workweek has finally come to an end, and you are getting ready for the weekend. Make sure your hair is prepared too with a super quick hair mask. All you need is to whisk together coconut oil and an egg white. The coconut oil delivers huge amounts of moisture to dry and brittle hair, and the egg white will add shine to dull hair. Best results are achieved if you sleep with it on, but if you can't, leave it on for thirty minutes and then shampoo and condition as usual and you are ready for the dance floor!

You spent less than 30 minutes on yourself every day, but by the end of the week you will see the incredible effect this has not only on your body but also on your mood and energy levels. Make sure to regularly spend time on pampering yourself, you've earned it!
Love you bunches!

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