Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beauty Hero Of The Week v.1

Beauty junkies (like me) are always going through different products, finding "can't-live-without" type items all the time. And it is not uncommon that we will use literally every day for a whole week or month and then sort of get bored of them or move onto another new, shiny product that makes us forget about it. For that reason I decided to create this little series called Beauty Hero of the Week, to give some praise to that one thing that stood out for me over the course of that week, fortnight, whatever.

The first product to receive such honor is the LUSH New Charity Pot Body Lotion. I had tried the previous version of the Charity Pot lotion before but was never a huge fan of the scent, it was just a little too "herbal" smelling for me. But LUSH recently changed the formulation and introduced a beautiful, yet subtle, floral scent to it. I won't lie, I love my lotions and shower gels to smell as girly as possible, so I was pretty happy with this new scent. It is still far from smelling like roses or strawberries, but it is still girly and sophisticated. This is the one I go to when I want my perfume to really shine, since it's scent is so mild that it won't compete with it (what's the opposite of overpowering? that's what this scent is..!).

Another big bonus for me is the fact that, like many of LUSH's body lotions, this one is very moisturizing and hydrating without leaving your skin greasy, and it is even gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

Last but not least, let's not forget that the purchase of this body lotion is actually going towards helping a grassroots charity. On the lid it tells you a little bit about which particular charity you are benefiting by purchasing it. How many lotions can claim that much, huh!?  Not gonna lie, it does feel good that my product hoarding tendencies do end up benefiting someone in need, you can even go on the LUSH webpage and see how many charities have been helped by people like us buying Charity Pot. Now I have a great argument for when my husband starts rolling his eyes whenever he sees me eyeing the LUSH webpage...

Love you bunches!

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