Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 Tips For Getting Inspired

Niagara Falls. Taken by my mom. Edited by me.

Sometimes I've been so inspired I could have written a book. Other times? I stare blankly at my notebook/laptop, write two or three words, scratch them, and repeat (last week, I'm looking at you!). But I love writing, so I have come up with ten tips to get inspired when inspiration seems to be holidaying in Bali, smirking at you through its sunglasses.

1. Pinterest is an obvious one, but an alternative that I actually prefer at the moment is StumbleUpon. It is as simple as selecting what your general interests are, and clicking the "stumble" button. This will show you a different webpage each time, relating to what you have selected. You'll find a ton of gems there, that's for sure!

2. Choose an area of interest (home decor, travel, fashion, sports, whatever floats your boat) and find a brand new blog/YouTube channel/Instagram account about that topic. For example, I got hooked on the Pottery Barn Blog when finding inspiration to decorate my home.

3. Read a book of quotes like this one. Reading other people's wise words can make you see things under a completely different light.

4. Think of someone who has had a major impact on your life, someone who completely changed it for the better. Write them a letter saying why they mean so much to you. Read it as many times as you need. Sharing it with that person is optional.

5. Make a list of ten places you would like to visit in your lifetime. Next to each place, write down the one thing that is drawing you there the most. Find the patterns. Another thing I do is think of my five favorite movies, songs, books, magazines and even clothing items and write down why I love them so much.

6. Stop thinking for a while. Play some of your favorite songs for a good half an hour. Then resume your activity when your mind has been free to wander for a good while.
(Extreeeeemely cheesy -but that's me-, a song that always inspires me is Gabriella's Song. I don't even speak a word of Swedish but God, it's a beautiful song, and for some reason I am always left with lifted spirits after hearing it). If you haven't yet, figure out what your song is.

7. Download the "Happier" app. It is full of people sharing what inspires them and what they are thankful for. Reading what has made someone else happier is not only uplifting and inspiring, but it will also help you appreciate the little things in your life that much more.

8. Read something you've previously written. Reading it with a different perspective on a brand new day can be eye-opening and inspire you to approach the subject in a different way.

9. Research some fun facts (Google is full of them!). You might find a fact that gives you that "lightbulb" moment. Finding out that, for example, you can rent a man in Japan for $10 an hour if you are feeling lonely might be what gives you your next big idea, who knows!

10. Finally, and there is no gentle way to say this, stop flicking birds and crushing candy (i.e. stop procrastinating!) and actually get in the mindset to do something productive.

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