Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two Months In Snapshots: My iPhone Photos

As I get older and wiser (?) I find myself kicking 15-year-old me for spending so much time obsessing over who was dating who, and not doing some actually useful things. Photography is definitely one of them. Now that I have a kid, I realize just how valuable it is to keep beautiful memories and to have something to remind you of all the lovely moments life is full of. Many of them and might seem insignificant at the time, but their true meaning only becomes clear much later, when we look back on them. That is why for 2014, my main goals are to enjoy the little things in life more, and to take a lot more photos of those things, so that I never fall in the trap of forgetting how wonderful life can be.

I don't take my "big-girl" camera wherever I go (I really should! naughty girl!), so I have started snapping away with my iPhone a lot more than I used to. These are some of the photos that I've taken with it in 2014:

1. My little brother, who left yesterday on a year-long exchange to China.  //  2. A 17th Century castle in the city of Cartagena.  //  3. A beautiful sunset close to where I live.  //  4. Tommy with one of my very best friends (whom he calls his aunt) and her boyfriend.

5. Me as a toddler. My mom sent it to me last week saying: "OMG! You look just like Tommy!". I showed it to Tommy, and he wouldn't believe me it wasn't him!  //  6. Another picture I took during that gorgeous sunset this week.  //  7. Another pic of Cartagena, where we went for a little roadtrip this weekend.  //  8. The Caribbean Sea in Cartagena.  //  9. I was walking around town and saw these two gorgeous ladies sitting on the side of the road, and couldn't help but take a picture of them through the fence of the park.

All photos have been taken by me with my iPhone (except, obviously, my toddler one). I have started using the Afterlight app to edit them, and love it so far!

I was never very good at this "taking lots of photos" thing, but I am quite digging it now... and although iPhone photos aren't the best quality, they are easy and practical when I don't have my proper, bulky camera around. So far so good in keeping my new year's resolutions! (Far better than the "lose 10 pounds" of last year!).

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